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Perfect ambience, atmosphere, traditional Viennese café culture, a place to linger. The Coffeeshop Company branches are without doubt more than just somewhere to get a coffee-to-go. Enjoy life in all respects with the taste of a sensually good coffee.

ولد مفهوم كوفي شوب كومباني في عام 1999 واول فرع تم افتتاحه في فيينا,والان لدينا اكثر من 290 فرع حول العالم ,وفي الشرق الاوسط حيث انتشرت فروعنا في

 الامارات,قطر,الكويت,اليمن,مصر والان في المملكة العربية السعودية – الرياض تم افتتاحه في عام 2014

بامكانكم الان الاستمتاع بتذوق القهوة الجيدة المذاق .


Corporate History

An Idea becomes Reality

The Coffeeshop Company concept was born in 1999, the first Coffeeshop Company shop opening in September in Krugerstrasse in Vienna, still referred to in the slogan “Home in Vienna”.

With the Coffeeshop Company the Schärf group of companies implements the trend familiar from the United States of the cult and top quality coffee shops set in a modern lifestyle in Europe relying on a perfectly formulated own interpretation of the Coffeeshop concept.

The foundation is precisely defined following the principle

  • everything from a single source

with all components, products and ideas of the Coffeeshop Company concept being well matched.

The Coffeeshop Company is the new unique interpretation of the traditional Viennese café. The Schärf group provides the background through decades of experience in the production of coffee and coffee machines; focussing thereby on top class products centring on Espresso coffee which becomes an extraordinary pleasure when prepared with the unique Schärf piston coffee machine.

In this symbiosis of expertise in the preparation of the perfect cup of coffee and the spirit of the age Coffeeshop Company concept, the customers are the prerequisites for the success and accomplishment of the vitality of the Coffeeshop Company. The concept of the American coffee shop is consciously transferred to Viennese café culture.

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